EE Explore Event on 3 December on Pedagogical Interventions in EntEd

3rd of December at 10 AM to 11 AM (CET) online

In the event selected participants are pitching their paper, based on the theme Pedagogical Interventions in Entrepreneurship Education, followed by a digital roundtable discussion.

There is growing acknowledgement that educational systems and methods need to move from traditional to more creative, interactive and student-centered educational models in order to change students’ mindset so they may excel in highly dynamic and uncertain environments. Yet, the issue of the most effective pedagogical method to encourage the development of an entrepreneurial mindset is an area that raises regular discussion and debates, as well as calls for further exploration. In this event we will be exploring different types of pedagogical interventions that can be used to enhance students’ entrepreneurial mindset.

As moderators for the event we have the pleasure of presenting Associate professor Karen Williams Middleton and Senior Lecturer Gustav Hägg.

This is the second in a series of events that Engage – Centre for Engaged Education through Entrepreneurship together with ECSB has launched online.

This event is free-of-charge for ECSB members. You can become an ECSB member HERE. More information available on the ECSB membership HERE.

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